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Monday, January 20, 2014

Life Sweet Life

Life, sweet life. It has a way of becoming so fast paced before you know it. I had big plans to document my pregnancy on my blog, and each month of my daughter's life [who is already 15 months old today!]. As you can tell, I hardly blogged at all, something I feel bittersweet about. I'm bummed I didn't take the time to document all the amazing moments 2012 and 2013 brought me, but I was so darn happy living life that blogging wasn't a thought anymore. I admit though, I've missed it. Especially sharing my artwork, craft projects, and photographs of daily life.

Nowadays I'm finding myself with a little more free time and carving balance in my "mom life" and "me life", and itching to create, write, journal, photograph, ... just do something creative again before I lose my mind singing along to Daniel Tiger or actually catch up on ALL of the laundry. Is there anyone on the planet who is actually completely caught up with all of their dirty laundry, linens, etc? Because I know the glorious moment you do catch up, within 15 seconds there's something dirty laughing at you in the laundry basket. 

So, here I am. I'm back, and I'm probably going to be a bit scattered as usual, but hopefully a lot less so. I made a personal birthday goal to keep up with my creating, documenting, and blogging recently [3x's a week, hah, perhaps a big stretch for me to start with]. And since I finally turned the big scary beautiful 30 two days ago, I'm ready more than ever to focus on the other aspects that make me who I am, aside from being an awesome mama and fiance that is.

This year, [and by year, I mean turning another year older], I want to focus on choosing grace, remembering patience, self-care [because we all know mom's forget about themselves during the first year of their beautiful baby's life; guilty and proud!], self-love [something that has become a whole new endeavor after becoming a mother], and of course, as I've said a million times, my creative tendencies and crafty concoctions that simply bring me joy to create and share with the world.

I hope you'll follow along, appreciate my attempts at being funny, understand I'm a bit sarcastic and have an odd sense of humor, I'm a total nerd, and I'm that annoying person who preaches positivity and self-growth so much that I probably make some people want to puke. So, let's connect! As mothers, creative souls, opposites, nerds, cat-obsessed, nature freaks, .... friends, etc. :)

- Mae

[Even though I've been blogging since about 2007, I've recently switched blogging platforms, starting with a clean slate, so don't mind the broken links, empty sidebars, and other things I still need to contend with.] ;)

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Longest New Chapter Ever!


I apologize for my massive hiatus. Pregnancy, giving birth, + raising a little piece of the universe to be a healthy, happy, functioning little human can keep a girl busy. Our little miss is 9 months, today! People definitely aren't exaggerating when they say time flies when you have kids + the rate at which these babies of ours turn into people, is insane. It's a bittersweet amazing journey that I am so very grateful to be part of. 


I have so many memories to share, diy projects I've tackled around the home, + new work in the midst! I'm finally finding balance + finding the itch to start getting crafty + creative again. Many of my networking means + Etsy shop are a bit outdated as I've changed my art + blog all to maejane.com rather than split between two websites. There's a lot of new info to update in all the nooks + crannies of the blog [which I've relocated to a new blogging platform, but still with the same domain name], which may take me some time to finalize, but once things are updated with the proper links, I'll be back to posting + documenting life + the creative concoctions that suck me in. 

Thank you for all your love + support during my ever-growing artistic adventures + my obsessive need to document everything. 
Love, love, love,
Mae xxo ♥